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Estate Sales  

Atomic Auctions provides a professional Estate Sale Organizer that holds the sale on behalf of an estate. This method of selling takes place in the person’s home – and nearly all of the personal contents are tagged for sale. Estate sales usually take place over several days and are open to the general public. 


We use Hibid – you can sign-up through their website and place bids on any items. Go to AtomicAuctions.HiBid.Com. At the top, click Login/New Bidder – and click Register Here. Enter your name, email address, and other information. You must register with a valid credit card as well. 

 A “Soft Close” ending for a lot means that if a bid is placed in the last few minutes, the bidding for that lot will be extended by another few minutes. This gives other interested bidders time to raise their bid before the lot closes. The Soft Close option is typically used for Internet-Only auctions.

An estate sale, or a tag sale, is designed to sell a person’s (or their loved one’s) possessions in an orderly fashion. It’s much more than a yard sale, as everything in the house is marked with a price tag and up for grabs. Quite literally, it means the sale of someone’s entire estate possessions.

Typically, yes. Sometimes, the family may keep a few favorite
pieces or set aside family heirlooms they wish to keep. The
professional Estate Sale Organizer can arrange for special items
to be set aside in safekeeping, before the start of the estate sale.

Atomic Auctions owner, Rhiannon Barbour, is a licensed Realtor®
in the state of Iowa, and a member of the Des Moines Area
Association of Realtors (DMAAR) & the National Association of
Realtors (NAR). She holds her license with RealtyOne Group
Impact in West Des Moines.

Atomic Auctions provides consignors of any kind, an online bidding platform where customers can buy and sell a wide range of items including; cars, bicycles, antiques, jewelry, furniture, coins, knives, artwork, and much more. A professional Auction
Organizer will photograph and inventory each item that is up for sale in the auction.

Atomic Auctions sets percentages which apply to both the consignor and buyers.
The breakdown of percentages are as follows:
Commission: The percentage the auctioneer obtains as their cut from the consignor. (Typically 35%)

Buyer’s Tax: The amount of sales tax applied to the bidders. (Typically 7%)

Buyer’s Premium: The percentage Atomic Auctions is obtaining as a cut from the buyer. (Typically 13%)
(Percentages may vary from one auction to the next-depending on time, location, contractual agreements, inflation, and other unforeseen scenarios.)

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